Dropping temperatures doesn’t have to mean you have to also drop. Winter is here and it announces itself with slippery patches of ice, icy driveways and deceitful black ice. Most have us have taken a nasty fall during winter, and unfortunately have hurt ourselves one way or another. 

While it’s much better to find yourself on your feet than on your rear, our cold laser therapy device can help alleviate the pain from hazardous winter falls.

Winter’s wet, icy and slippery walking conditions can help hinder you from enjoying the beauty of outdoor activities. If you have acquired any injuries, aches or chronic pain from winter hazards, LaserTRX will provide you with relief.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy uses low-level laser therapy, also known as LLLT, to treat targeted injured, inflamed and diseased tissue. LLLT offers a non-invasive approach to healing affected areas by exposing the tissue to red and infrared light. LLLT stimulates the affected area and boosts the production of cells to speed up the healing process.  

On a scientific level, LLLT increases the ATP production responsible for additional energy in cell repair, meaning that your targeted area of injury will be fixed more rapidly. Additionally, LLLT increases overall cell health by modulating the cells that are involved in the injury, relieving the negative symptoms that you may feel.

The LaserTRX Technique

We have incorporated the benefits of LLLT into creating our progressive at-home device, the LaserTRX. Our cold laser therapy device is accessible to use at home, at work or wherever pain strikes. 

We have combined 4 levels of LLLT energies to treat symptoms efficiently and pain-free. 

  1. Low-level pulse laser radiation

  2. Infrared radiation

  3. Visible red light

  4. Static magnetic fields

These combined energies create a non-toxic and synergized mean of pain relief that can be noticed immediately. Over time, the effects of the LaserTRX allows damaged cells and tissues to repair and receive proper blood flow. Inflammation and irritation will be mitigated so you can return to throwing snowballs instead of throwing out your back.

Would I Benefit From the LaserTRX device?

If you are suffering from joint and muscle pain, lower back pain, headaches, tendonitis, or ailments resulting from winter injuries, LaserTRX will certainly help. Though the practice of cold laser therapy is for physiotherapist use, the LaserTRX has made it easier for quick relief at home.

LLLT has enabled most patients to see results within five treatments while continuing with their daily activities. LaserTRX has helped a range of patients that suffer from minor sprains and aches to major chronic disorders like tendonitis reclaim their energy.  

LaserTRX vs. Alternative Methods

Due to its non-invasive nature, the LaserTRX device is optimal for those who prefer a natural way of treating their injury. Alternative methods that include prescription medication, surgical procedures or injections are costly. Unlike undergoing a surgical procedure, LaserTRX has no recovery time and serious side effects.

LLLT will not result in skin damages or burns because it does not penetrate the skin. Aside from being easily accessible and mobile, LaserTRX treats pain at the moment you feel it.

Beat Winter Pain with our Cold Laser Therapy Device

Winter doesn’t have to hold you back from fun activities. While the increase of injury is greater due to icy and harsh weather conditions, our LaserTRX device will always have your back (quite literally).  We offer free shipping within the United States and guarantee you a 2-year warranty on our LaserTRX device.

To directly get in contact with our LaserTRX experts, call us at (219) 243-5580 or reach us here.