Recovering from surgery isn’t always the easiest process, and it can leave our bodies with chronic pain and inflammation. It can result in lots of stress and force people to take pills or other forms of medication to make the pain go away. Luckily there’s an alternative treatment method for chronic pain that’s easy, stress-free and effective: The LaserTRX device for chronic pain

The LaserTRX uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) promotes and accelerates healing by working from the outside in, healing damaged tissue caused by injury or conditions causing chronic pain. The LaserTRX is a device that can significantly aid with the healing process of many. An LLLT device for medical professionals poses great benefits for both their practice and their patients on the road to a quick recovery.

Let’s take a look at this treatment and how it can help you.  

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the process of applying red, near-infrared light on sore muscles, injuries or abrasions to promote blood flow and increase soft tissue healing by triggering the body’s natural healing mechanism. This type of treatment is also known as a cold laser because it does not warm the body’s tissue, making it very safe to use.

When cells that have been damaged as a result of surgical procedure or injury, they produce harmful nitric oxide, which removes oxygen from the cells and causes inflammation and cell death. Absorbing the light from low-level laser therapy allows more oxygen back into the cells, increasing metabolism and overall health.

One of the main uses for LLLT is to repair tissue and provide relief from pain and inflammation. Low-level lasers can stimulate all types of cells to promote healing including nerves, ligaments, muscle and cartilage.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Low-light laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that is performed by a doctor or clinician in their office.  This treatment stimulates and uses the body’s own healing system to relieve pain and promote healing and tissue regeneration. The procedure works by applying a small handheld device onto the affected areas for a period of time ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes-the length of time is determined by the size of the area and the dose. The light energy penetrates deep into the tissue and is absorbed, where it will reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration. Different wavelengths are used to treat various medical conditions. The light energy goes right through your skin. It can penetrate anywhere from two to five centimetres into tissues, where it triggers a physiological reaction that can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote healing.

Since it can harm your eyes to look directly into the laser, the clinician may ask you to wear protective eyewear during the procedure. It usually takes a few treatments to begin feeling improvements and pain reduction. 

Benefits of Low-Level laser Therapy For Pain Recovery

There are numerous benefits to using LLLT including:

  • Decreases pain

  • Reduces inflammation, stiffness and swelling

  • Enhances joint mobility 

  • Promotes wound healing 

  • Supports the immune system

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Reduction of post-surgery scar tissue

  • Accelerates tissue healing and regeneration

  • Repairs damaged nerves and helps improve nerve function

  • Returns feeling to numb areas

Low-level laser therapy helps a patient in three major ways: immediate pain relief, speeds up recovery, and aids in long term improvement. Aside from these benefits, low-level light therapy is an excellent alternative to other forms of treatment for post-surgical pain recovery. Alternative methods such as painkillers and injections only serve to mask the pain and can potentially have serious side effects, including pain at the injection sites. 

However, the LLLT process is completely non-invasive, does not require any other instruments or pharmaceutical drugs and is completely painless-you might feel a tingling sensation in the areas where the applicator was placed, but that’s all. This procedure also has a very fast recovery time-patients are able to resume normal daily activities shortly after each treatment has concluded.

This treatment is also extremely beneficial because it is a highly accessible method of pain relief-any person can use it! The LaserTRX device allows patients to bring this treatment into their own homes, eliminating the need for trips to doctors. 

When it comes to pain relief methods, the LaserTRX device helps provide a safe, reliable, and effective means to reduce post-surgery pain in an easy, comfortable, non-invasive manner. 

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