Sports injuries are a very real problem to any athlete out there no matter the sport or activity, taking care of it correctly and carefully can be the difference between returning to the field in a matter of weeks or months or never again. 

A lot of athletes want to do what they can to get back to doing what they love as quickly as possible and that’s why using a cold laser pain relief device at home is a great viable option. Using LLLT technology for pain can help out your recovery progress. We are trusted LaserTRX sellers that priritize quality, results and convenience for every single patient. 

Why Low-level Laser Therapy for a Sports Injury?

Low-level laser therapy is very helpful in reducing short term inflammation and significantly lowering the risk of arthritis that can result from sports injuries. Laser therapy has been used by professional sports teams and athletes alike to treat their inflammation, accelerate pain relief, and provide deep-tissue therapy, helping to minimize an athlete’s downtime.

LLLT has been used in various different sports and leagues such as NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL, as well as by people such as ironman triathlon competitors, former Olympic athletes, and elite cross-fitters. 

How Does LLLT Work for Me?

Your cells when damaged through an injury stimulate your body’s natural pain cycle, LLLT works to jump-start kinetic energy within the cells creating a cascade of events in the cell. When your body absorbs the photons LLLT gives off it is via a photochemical effect, thus avoiding causing heat damage to the tissues and cells. This helps boost the production of enzymes, increase vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, ATP synthesis, stimulate the mitochondria, and elevate collagen formation to prevent scar tissues from developing. All this is critical to reducing chronic pain while benefiting your body’s healing at the same time.

What Types of Injuries Can LLLT Treat?

LLLT has been found to be a superior tool for an athlete's rehabilitation, being scientifically proven to be effective for a wide range of sports injuries, including:

- Chronic pain

- Shoulder injuries

- Bursitis

- Jumper's knee

- Tennis elbow

- Neck pain

- Back pain

- Achilles tendonitis

- Chronic joint pain for the elbow, wrist, and fingers

- Plantar fasciitis

Low-level laser therapy effectiveness

Low-level laser therapy is especially effective for particularly jumper's knee, tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis. It has been shown to reduce pain from an acute neck injury for up to 22 weeks after the completed treatment. In combination with exercise therapy, LLLT has been proven to be more effective than just exercise therapy alone, greatly benefiting the improvement of pain and especially helping active/passive ROM, range of motion, in patients with the subacromial syndrome. 

One of the main benefits is the ease of LLLT usage and the speed of treatment effects, with typical treatment times ranging from just between 3 to 5 minutes. The availability of doing it anywhere anytime comes to only help any athletes and their condition. 

This makes low-level laser therapy incredibly versatile, letting it be a stand-alone treatment option or used in conjunction with any other various things from chiropractic adjustments, instrument-assisted treatments, soft-tissue release, elastic therapeutic tape, or any other rehabilitation-oriented protocol.

Get Started With LLLT to Get Back on the Path to Recovery Now

LLLT is highly effective, incredibly versatile, non-invasive, and safe making it easy to implement into any athletes’ care and chiropractic program. Low-level laser therapy has been found to be one of the best means towards rapid recovery and increased performance from any sports injury. Let LaserTRX help you get back to doing what you love in peak form and performance.