1. Relieve acute and chronic muscle pain

2. Improve blood microcirculation

3. Reduce inflammation


Once these energies are synergized, together they provide a therapeutic outcome. The LaserTRX is the only device that combines all these radiances, plus it is clinically proven to achieve an effective and quick pain relief in a short period of time.

The LaserTRX accelerates inflamed tissue recovery, as well as promotes cells renewal that results in an improvement in microcirculation.

The LaserTRX treats cell tissue that has become inflamed; the cell tissue inflammation is caused by a low or reduced microcirculation, resulting in an Ischemic injury, in which restriction in blood supply to tissues. This causes a shortage of oxygen and glucose needed for cellular metabolism, or in other words, to keep tissue alive. LaserTRX is extremely effective in the above situations.
Once the Ischemic state has been shortened, the duration of the injury is shortened, and the pain is reduced quickly as well.

Typical conditions which are treated by LaserTRX include Spinal disorders comprising early, Osteochondrosis, Scoliosis, Intervertebral a disc hernia, Post-traumatic pain, Cartilage disorders, Radiculitis, Ischialgia, Fibromyalgia, Joint diseases such as Arthritis, Arthrosis, Coxarthrosis, Contractures, Myositis, Muscle and ligament strains.