Knee pain can strike at any moment, especially in the winter when ice and snow make trips and falls much more common. For people dealing with chronic knee pain and arthritis, the pain can be especially frustrating when you have no support system or assistance in place. However, there is a new take-home device that you can use on your own that relies on laser technology. The LaserTRX device is one such laser therapy device that provides LLLT pain relief for a variety of ailments and conditions.   

The LaserTRX device is built with three preset programs that can treat various pain conditions. Each setting uses a different pulse frequency that allows low level laser to penetrate the affected area. That includes the knees, where pressure points can give you constant pain throughout the day. The LaserTRX device works to relieve acute and chronic muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. All these aspects can help you mitigate your knee pain in the winter. 

We’ll go over how low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can work for knee pain and why joint pain tends to increase in the winter. We’ll also explain why the LaserTRX is a great pain reliever and can help reduce your symptoms all winter long! 

How Does Low-Level Laser Therapy Work For Knee Pain?

Unlike standard lasers that have high power and frequency, the purpose of low-level lasers (or low lasers) is to be applied to an affected area of the body without burning the skin. The LaserTRX device utilizes class III and/or IV lasers that gently pass over the knee for a short period without causing skin damage. Unlike hotter lasers used for traditional surgery, the LaserTRX device uses a variety of different wavelengths such as low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red lights, and static magnetic fields to penetrate tissues in the knee. 

In mitigating knee pain caused by trauma or bone fracture, the LaserTRX device uses low-level lasers to reduce any irritation and inflammation. The lasers strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments by healing damaged tissues, promoting cell growth, and supporting muscular regeneration. Thus, the pressure on the knee is reduced and you’ll be provided with much needed pain relief. 

The recovery time after using the LaserTRX device can vary by individual. Everyone will have a different experience, but low-level lasers have been shown to provide significant relief of pain symptoms, improving the quality of life for those suffering from degenerative knee pain. Afterwards, they’re able to gain some semblance of normal mobility and are able to exercise and walk freely. 

Other benefits of using the LaserTRX device for your knee include the absence of an extended recovery time and side effects associated with lasers. It’s a compact device that can be taken anywhere with you with 18-hour battery life to keep itself powered up. Additionally, the application of its low-level laser technology is non-invasive and doesn’t require any follow-up medications. 

You’re in full control of the comforts of your own home when you apply the LaserTRX device. Each application session is short and you can monitor your knee’s condition whenever you need to. The flexibility of using the LaserTRX device and lasers will help your knee feel its best. 

Why Does Joint Pain Increase In The Winter?

Knee pain is just one of many joint pain injuries and conditions that can flare up during the winter. Although ice and snow do increase the chances of falls and trips, leading to more sprains and joint damage, there is a scientific reason behind joint pain flare-ups during the winter. 

When the weather turns cold, joint inflammation occurs because of the sudden change in atmospheric pressure. Moreover, joint pain in areas like the knee can be further exacerbated due to nerve sensitivity and poor blood circulation in that particular area. As such, you’ll probably feel more pain in not only your knees but also your hips and ankles. It can be further aggravated if you run outside regularly or succumb to a serious injury. 

To improve blood circulation in your knee and avoid restricted blood flow pressure, the LaserTRX device will utilize lasers to get things moving and help you heal faster. Let’s explain the reason why it’s a great pain reliever. 

Why Is The LaserTRX Device A Great Pain Reliever?

Whether it’s for your knees, back, or hips, the LaserTRX device uses advanced laser therapy techniques to alleviate pain and target specific acupuncture trigger points. By doing so, it makes it a great pain reliever for both acute and chronic conditions within your joints. Moreover, the LaserTRX device can be used in conjunction with other recovery treatments and medications to complement a healthy lifestyle. 

Buy the LaserTRX Device for fast-acting knee pain relief at home. Start enjoying a pain-free life today by trying out the low-level laser technology of the LaserTRX device!