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Joint Pain Relief With Cold Laser Therapy: Does it Really Work? | Cold Laser Therapy for Arthritis

If you don’t like joint pain holding you back from fully enjoying your life cold laser therapy could just be the fix you are looking for! Cold laser therapy can be used for arthritis and other such conditions from your joints and out. 

With LaserTRX and a high-quality cold laser therapy device you can find yourself a quick and easy aid to your pain without the need for a doctor’s appointment no matter where you are. Our devices provide effective cold laser therapy good enough for physiotherapist use and for finally helping you to overcome your painful condition!

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

You may have heard it go by another name, low-level laser therapy or LLLT, but cold laser therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years as an accessible treatment option for many people with different types of pain. Don’t be concerned by the name, unlike the typical lasers you might think of; cold laser therapy gives off photons via a photochemical effect, which fully avoids any heat damage or pain to yourself and your cells.

Cold laser therapy penetrates deep within your skin to reach the cellular level to promote healing. It reaches deep within your tissue to reduce inflammation and pain. Cold laser therapy also has the benefit of working with other treatments instead of replacing them to aid in faster healing. This is because this treatment is wholly nonsurgical and has little to no negative side effects.

Does it Really Work?

No matter the cause of your injury and pain in your joints it all stems from injured cells in your body that signal your brain to start your body’s natural pain cycle, cold laser therapy works to kick up into action kinetic energy within the cells to stimulate healing further. The photons your body absorbs from cold laser therapy help to boost the natural production of enzymes, stimulate the mitochondria, and bring collagen formation to the next level. This is all very important to reducing chronic pain and helping to benefit your body’s natural healing process at the same time

What is a Treatment Session Like?

One great advantage of low-level laser therapy is that while it can be used in a professional environment to help certain conditions it can also be used in the comfort of your own home. By using LaserTRX you can take your pain relief on the go and more successfully treat any sudden joint pain than with medication alone. 

Cold laser therapy devices are easy and simple to use so there is no worry of accidentally setting it too high and hurting yourself or anything serious. A portable cold laser therapy device can be used multiple times within a day and with each individual usage or session being relatively fast and taking under 15 minutes. 

Cold Laser Therapy Device Usage

Quite a few different conditions and their symptoms can benefit from cold laser therapy usage, no matter where on the body and the cause. Keep in mind, this can work along with other treatments such as medicine to aid in healing and pain reduction even more. These are just a few of the conditions and symptoms that can benefit from cold laser therapy:

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Muscle strains

  • Tendonitis 

  • Bursitis

  • Injuries and sprains

  • Ligament sprains

  • Knee pain

  • Acute or chronic pain

  • Pain from with muscle spasms

  • Swelling of joints and soft tissue

  • Tennis elbow

  • Neck pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Inflammation 

  • Wounds related to diabetes

Do You Want to Escape the Restrictions of Joint Pain? Try Cold Laser Therapy for Arthritis.

By working with cold laser therapy you can take control of your pain relief and move towards a much less restricted tomorrow. Whether the pain is in your wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, or anywhere experienced the relief you deserve with a trusted cold laser therapy device; LaserTRX! 

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