Spend more time on the field than nursing your injuries.

LaserTRX is an innovative device that can help you combat sports injuries fast! Cold laser therapy for back pain has revolutionized the way you can alleviate your pain. Minimize your inflammation and prevent the need for expensive prescriptions and painful surgeries that require a long recovery time.

Return to your healthy lifestyle and enjoy the adrenaline of your daily sports activities with advanced cold laser therapy for arthritis. Prevent pain before it strikes!

What Sports Injuries Can the LaserTRX Help Me With?

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) in the LaserTRX device has shown drastic improvements in reducing scar tissue, back pain, inflammation and chronic pain from sports injuries. Accelerated cell recovery in the targeted area speeds up the formation of new tissue so that you can spend more time scoring goals than icing your injuries.

Here are some sports injuries that the LaserTRX can help alleviate:

➤ Ligaments and tendon sprains

➤ Muscle strains

➤ Deep-tissue and pain trigger points

➤ Wounds and abrasions

➤ Acute and chronic inflammation

➤ Bruises and contusions

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Help My Sports Injuries?

LLLT affects your tissue at a cellular level to help you regain muscle mobility and strength. Here are some ways that the LaserTRX can help your body reach its peak performance:

➤ Boosts a quicker recovery period by stimulating fibroblast in damaged tissue

Increased vascular activity that increases blood circulation

Lower scar tissue formation that can arise from cuts and abrasions

➤ Builds a stronger immune system through increased enzymes in your body

Strengthened mobility caused by an anti-inflammatory response

What Does Cold Laser Therapy Do For Muscles?

Cold laser therapy is photochemical and cannot burn the layers of your skin. The low-level laser delivers the required frequency of light to target the inflamed cells in your muscles. 

As the ATP in your cells is increased, your cells’ muscles can regenerate faster. This process helps heal damaged cells by increasing their oxygen level and improving the nutrients rate, assisting in better blood flow. Your muscle strength and function can be increased with routine use of the LaserTRX.

How Long Does Cold Laser Therapy Last?

Operating the LaserTRX device is simple, painless and can be used in the comfort of your surroundings. The device comes with 3 different pre-set programs for various pain conditions. Each program uses a different pulse frequency that affects the laser’s depth of dermis penetration. 

Depending on your individual case, a session of cold laser therapy can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. It is up to your discretion how long or how short you would like to engage it. 

You don’t have to interrupt your daily routines to gain relief from your injuries.

Is LLLT Covered By Insurance?

Low-level treatment therapy costs are typically not covered by American insurance companies. With the rising appointment fees and ongoing medication costs, the cost of low-level laser therapy out of pocket is less costly than the alternatives.

The LaserTRX cold laser therapy device price is affordable and helps you prevent potential surgeries and needles. Considering that you can utilize cold laser therapy at your own accord, the prices that can add up from invasive and medicinal alternatives will cost you more over-time.

Don’t Strike Out Any Longer | Alleviate Sports Injuries with Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain

Cold laser therapy can treat a wide variety of sports conditions that have been holding you back from playing the game.

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