Don’t let your back hold you back from living your life to the fullest! The revolutionary LaserTRX device can safely remediate spinal injuries and herniated discs through effective cold laser therapy.

Summer is here and you’re ready to make the best of it! The LaserTRX is a cold laser therapy device for arthritis that has been proven to restore body function, alleviate minor or chronic pain and effectively boost recovery, and accelerates spinal stenosis pain relief!

The LLLT laser for pain relief at home device is a handy assistant in mitigating pain symptoms on command, right when they strike! Accelerate your body’s natural healing without expensive medication or painful surgeries - safely and efficiently.

Whether your pain symptoms have developed from years of repetitive motions, an unfortunate car accident, or caused by sports injuries, the LaserTRX can give you the muscle relief you’ve been searching for.

What causes back injuries and spinal stenosis?

  • Overgrowth of bones can negatively impact the lumbar support in your spine.

  • Herniated discs that have resulted from a lack of moisture and the degeneration of soft material responsible for shock-absorbency.

  • Spinal injuries resulting from blunt sports trauma or car accidents.

  • Swelling caused by previous back surgeries.

  • Thickened ligaments result in the blockage of the spinal canal.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

The use of LLLT is a non-invasive treatment that uses low-powered light lasers to stimulate the targeted tissue. The therapy is painless and produces no negative sensation on the skin’s surfaces, and no burning. Due to the fact that LLLT does not produce heat, rather utilizing the power of infrared light, it is also referred to as ‘cold laser therapy’.

The light beams penetrate deep into the inflamed tissue without any high temperatures and boost cell stimulation, meaning the dull and injured cells will be replaced with healthy and functioning cells in a few LaserTRX treatments.

How does LLLT work in the LaserTRX device?

LLLT uses rapid pulse emissions that increase cellular function which results in speedy recovery of the targeted area. The effectiveness of the treatment is directed by the wavelength, the treatment duration, and site of application. With the LaserTRX, you have full control of all those factors, and you can choose when and where to begin your application.

Living with painful ligament sprains and tears doesn’t have to affect your daily activities. Strike discomfort at the site in the comfort of your own surroundings!

Does low-level laser therapy work for back injuries and conditions?

Extensive clinical research has proven that cold laser therapy has improved many conditions, whether they were minor or more chronic. Additionally, the LaserTRX device has been proven to improve minor and major back discomfort and pain that can affect your daily life through:

  • Increasing the body’s natural endorphins

  • Decreasing the need for pain medication 

  • Reducing the suppression of inflammatory enzymes resulting in wounds and swollen joints

  • Increased blood circulation responsible for enhanced mobility and movements

  • Release of the tightness and stiffness of the muscle

  • Improved nerve function in the targeted area 

What are the benefits of the LaserTRX device for my spine discomfort?

  • A non-invasive procedure that does not require any surgical incisions.

  • No serious side effects that sometimes can be associated with prescription medications and complicated back surgeries.

  • Pain management whenever you need it - you can begin and end your treatment when you feel like you have reached the necessary pain alleviation.

  • Faster wound healing and closure, leading to better mobility throughout the back area.

Reduce your pain medication, increase mobility and get back to your active lifestyle this summer with the LaserTRX device!

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