f you’re an athlete or an individual who’s really active and enjoys sports, you may often run into stiff joint movement and pain every so often. Although there are methods of treatments to provide much needed relief, they don’t offer as many benefits as a laser therapy device that soothes your joints in the comfort of your own home. The LaserTRX device is one such device that provides laser pain relief at home and has been generally useful for joint healing and improved mobility. 

We’ll go over how laser or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) works to heal common joint injuries, the advantages it has over existing treatments, and the safety of the LaserTRX device. 

How Does Laser Therapy Increase Cell Stimulation?

Low laser therapy reduces joint pain and inflammation by using low-level lasers that externally penetrate a part of your body with damaged tissues. To accelerate cell growth and stimulation, the LaserTRX device uses different wavelengths and energies to improve blood circulation on damaged tissues. They absorb the red lights from the lasers to cause a physiological reaction that promotes the healing of your joints.  

LLLT works by treating the swollen joints in your body to ultimately reduce inflammation and improve mobility. Due to the improved blood and oxygen flow to the affected joints, your tissues and cells repair themselves and regenerate to be stronger than before. There are many types of treatments for joint pain, which we will detail below, but you can pair them up with the LaserTRX device for the most optimal healing process. 

What Are The Current Treatments To Enhance Joint Mobility?

The LaserTRX device can complement your ongoing forms of treatment, including physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments.

The first treatment method you are usually recommended is consistent exercises such as basic stretching and strengthening techniques. This is especially helpful if you’re suffering from conditions such as arthritis, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and tendonitis. If you attend physiotherapy or a medical center, the doctors will usually have a plan of exercises to enhance your joint mobility and reduce pain. 

Other treatments can include prescription painkiller medication and/or creams to mitigate joint pain if it persists. A drastic and usually last resort treatment would be surgery on the affected joint area, which may bring some improvements initially, but will require more healing and rehabilitation time later on. 

With laser therapy, the LaserTRX device’s compact and sleek simple design lets you easily complement it with those other treatments. It uses low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared lights, visible red lights, and static magnetic fields to relieve acute and chronic muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce joint pain and inflammation among other conditions. Once you start using the LaserTRX device, you’ll gradually start feeling significant mobility and improvements in your joints. 

Is The LaserTRX Device Safe? 

The LaserTRX device is safe to use overall and registered with the FDA. When you apply the lasers to the targeted area, the process is non-invasive and uses targetted lasers to heal damaged tissues and cells as opposed to destroying them. Moreover, there are no side effects to the process, with many people also reporting high efficacy rates of using it for a period of time. 

It’s time to embrace the fall with the activities you love and the LaserTRX device!

Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to return to your active lifestyle of sports and physical activities, free from joint pain and inflammation. The LaserTRX device overall promotes faster joint pain and wound healing, without the hassle of surgical procedures or medication. It can be applied by yourself and you control how often you use it. 

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