When people experience pain or discomfort of any sort, their first thought is to take a visit to the appropriate medical professional. While some will opt to wait it out or try to deal with pain and discomfort on their own, many seek professional help. Medical professionals have the resources and knowledge necessary to help alleviate pain on any scale. Despite this, anything that can aid in improving the healing process for patients is a win, ergo, medical professionals are always seeking new means to do just that.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) promotes and accelerates healing by working from the outside in, healing damaged tissue caused by injury or conditions causing chronic pain. The LaserTRX is a device that can significantly aid with the healing process of many. An LLLT device for medical professionals poses great benefits for both their practice and their patients on the road to a quick recovery.

Medical professionals - this one is for you! Read more to find out just how an LLLT device can help you and your patients in your respective field.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists are notorious for helping people manage pain. In fact, people who visit physiotherapist do so due to chronic or acute pain either caused by chronic ailments, accidents, or sports-related injuries. Ergo, a device that works to relieve pain makes a great addition to the roster of resources utilized by physical therapists. LLLT devices, such as the LaserTRX aid in tissue repair, increase lymphatic drainage activity, strengthen overall immune response, and reduce inflammation. They work cohesively with other methods of pain relief to deliver comfort with ease.

Why should physical therapists utilize LLLT device in their clinics? LLLT devices can be utilized for a wide array of injuries and/or pain complaints. From chronic pain caused by conditions such as; arthritis, stenosis, and osteoporosis, to acute pain caused by factors such as; sports-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents, LLLT technology can add a positive impact to the recovery process of many.

Athlete trainers/therapists

When it comes to sports, injuries seem almost inevitable. With vigorous training and physical plays, sports injuries are one of the most common injuries medical professionals see. The more common of the latter are; strains, sprains, tears, pulls, dislocations, fractures, and head injuries. It’s the duty of athletic trainers/therapists to aid their clients in a speedy, full recovery in order to get them back to partaking in their sport of choice.

Why should athletic trainers/therapists utilize LLLT devices for their clients? No matter what scale athletes play on, recreational or professional, missing a game or a play due to an injury can be a mental setback for them. Recovery from sports-related injuries needs to be done as quickly as possible and treatment must ensure the injury is fully healed as the chance for reoccurrence in the sports world is quite high. Not only can LLLT device help heal injuries, but it can also help prevent pain from growing into something much larger. Should an athlete experience any minor pain, utilizing an LLLT device which repairs tissues, can aid in ensuring minor pain does not turn into a full-on injury.


Chiropractors are no stranger to treating pain. The most common complaints chiropractors receive are in regards to; back pain (generalized, acute, or chronic), sciatica, herniated discs, and whiplash/whiplash associative disorder. Back pain, to be exact, is one of the most common pain complains across the globe. It’s estimated that up to 80% of the population with experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is also the highest contributor to missed work days in the United States. It goes without saying that those who experience back pain are looking for quick and efficient relief in order to avoid, not just physical pain, but financial losses due to missed work days.

Why should chiropractors utilize LLLT devices in their clinics? LLLT technology bodes well with clients because it is non-invasive. When it comes to any pain or issues surrounding sensitive areas, such as the spine, many have reserves about invasive methods. Thus, a plethora of those trying to combat back/neck issues are in search of non-invasive methods of pain relief that pose no negative side effects. Similar to methods such as acupuncture or electrical stimulation, LLLT works to reduce inflammation, ultimately reducing pain in a means that doesn’t call for invasive methods. The device works alongside other methods to further aid in the recovery of back and neck injuries.


Did you know LaserTRX can help our furry friends too? LLLT technology is safe enough to be used on animals as well. Due to its non-invasive method of relief, it’s a great tool for promoting and managing pain relief when it comes to animals. Treating animals is quite different than treating humans and often times, what works for humans, may not have the same impact on animals. There are also those who prefer not to medicate their animals should they be recommended to alleviate pain. LLLT device can treat a variety of ailments in animals including; back pain, musculoskeletal issues, lacerations, and dermatological conditions.

Why should veterinarians utilize LLT devices in their clinics? Working with animals can be quite challenging. They aren’t able to communicate as humans do, thus, it’s harder to gauge how they will react to something and often times, when they do react to something that they don’t like, the result isn’t ideal. Because the Laser TRX device is non-invasive and pain-free, it makes treatment that much simpler and can rid animals of the stress related to treatment. Animals are able to relax whilst simultaneously being treated for their pain, which is a win-win for the animal, veterinarians, and concerned owners.

When it comes to pain relief methods, providing safe, reliable, and effective means to your clients is imperative to their overall comfort and healing journey. With the help of LLLT device via a device such as LaserTRX, medical professionals across various sectors can aid clients in their recovery through non-invasive measures.

Want to add LLLT technology to your roster of winning pain relief methods? Learn more about the Laser TRX device and all the ways it can help you and your patients combat pain!