Fibromyalgia can be a difficult disorder to overcome because it causes fatigue, sleep, memory problems, and mood issues. And that is just scratching the surface. The symptoms can appear after physical trauma, surgery, infection, or significant psychological stress. 

Research has found that the condition amplifies the way your brain processes its pain signals. Unfortunately, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, but we have a viable solution to help relieve the pain. The LaserTRX is a device that provides effective pain treatment through the use of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). The LaserTRX is a special device for chronic pain that delivers improved results at a fair price. 

We’ll go over what fibromyalgia really is and how the LLLT process works. We’ll also convince you to make the Laser TRX your top choice for LLLT laser pain relief

Defining Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is classified as a rheumatic disease that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the patient. The exact cause of the condition is unknown and researchers estimate it affects roughly five million Americans aged 18 or over. 

Wide-spread, deep-burning pain is one of the most frequent symptoms and fibromyalgia pain occurs commonly in the trunk, low back, hips, and shoulders. Onset pain is usually gradual and can interfere with even simple daily activities. These symptoms are episodic and can last from days to months or years.

Additional symptoms associated with fibromyalgia include morning stiffness, headaches, irritable bowel-like symptoms, anxiety and depression. Joint and muscle pain may also increase at night, waking the patient from sleep and resulting in morning stiffness and soreness. 

Detailing the LLLT Process

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the most universal therapeutic factor that has no side effects of pain during treatment. Unlike analgesics, the treatment does not target only one area in the painful reception. LLLT targets the whole hierarchy of mechanisms of its origin and regulation and works to heal them long term as opposed to providing temporary relief. 

Light energies are synergized together to produce a therapeutic outcome. LLLT combines all these radiances to achieve effective and quick pain relief in a short period of time. The procedure is being used widely by therapists, doctors, medical experts, and fitness trainers among many others.

LLLT accelerates inflamed tissue recovery and promotes cell renewal that results in better microcirculation. For the inflamed cell tissue, it is usually caused by a low or reduced microcirculation which restricts the blood supply in the tissues, resulting in a shortage of oxygen and glucose needed for cellular metabolism. Improving microcirculation overall can help injuries heal faster and further reduce pain.

The most important effect of LLLT is that it accelerates Adenosine Triphosphate Production (ATP) through increasing metabolism and heals damaged tissues to their normal function. ATP is an organic compound that captures the chemical energy obtained from the breakdown of food molecules and releases it to fuel other cellular processes. 

How LaserTRX Can Help

The LaserTRX device is pre-set with 3 different programs to treat various pain conditions and uses different pulse frequency for each program to alter the laser’s depth of penetration. You can start treatment immediately in the comfort of your home. There is no need to schedule an appointment or travel and pay extra expensive fees for each individual treatment.

If you’d like to treat your fibromyalgia right now, then consider the Laser TRX for your easy to set up treatment. Feel free to contact us if you want more information.