Osteoarthritis pain typically affects the mobility and movement of your knees and joints. For many people dealing with this condition, it can be an acute and recurring ordeal to handle each day. Rather than relying on expensive surgeries, medications, and treatments, the presence of commercial cold laser therapy devices has helped to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms at an affordable cost. 

With the recent developments in low-level laser therapy, there are now many benefits to using the LaserTRX device to relieve knee and joint pain. In addition to providing spinal stenosis pain relief, the LaserTRX device can help to gradually reduce osteoarthritis pain and requires no doctor’s appointments or complicated procedures to apply. We’ll go over how the LaserTRX device can help you and the safety of this innovative device. 

What are the Common Causes of Osteoarthritis Pain? 

So what actually causes osteoarthritis? Well, it’s a combination of multiple factors, with some beyond your control. As our bodies age normally, our knees and joints go through wear and tear every day, but some may be more affected by pain than others. The cause can be hereditary based on your family’s medical history. Obesity may also play a role as your aging joints may not have the strength to support excess fat. 

Other common causes that can contribute to osteoarthritis are injuries and joint overuse; specifically, if you’ve been critically injured in the knee and pain lingers even after surgery, it may be a result of osteoarthritis. Moreover, the condition can worsen if you partake in any repeatable action day in and day out. There may be many more causes for recurring knee and joint pain, but every person is different and can no doubt find some great use of the LaserTRX device for relief. 

How Does the LaserTRX Reduce Inflammation? 

The LaserTRX device uses low-level lasers (or “cold” lasers) to stimulate cell growth, improve blood circulation, and build new tissues in an affected part of your body to relieve pain. The laser beams have lower temperatures than other standard lasers, allowing for effective penetration into the skin without any problems. Afterward, you’ll start to feel some of the immediate short-term effects on your knees and joints. 

Low-level lasers have been used to treat a variety of conditions and ailments and the LaserTRX device does this through four different energies: low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, red lights, and static magnetic field. It’s this advanced performance that’s made the LaserTRX a good choice for applying low-level lasers yourself. The process can also be quickly applied so that you can move on with your day.  

In addition to its affordability and simple usage, there are no immediate or visible side effects to worry about and you won’t have to take more medication. The process is also virtually non-invasive and can be stopped any time you wish. You can also apply the LaserTRX device to yourself in the comfort of your home.

Anyone is a good candidate to use the LaserTRX device, but those who have apparent skin lesions or are pregnant should avoid using it for now. It’s a great complementary aid for pain relief in your knees and joints and can help reduce serious inflammation in certain parts of your body. It’s easy to use, affordable, and effective at directing cold lasers towards your pain points. 

Is the LaserTRX FDA Approved? 

As of this time, low-level laser therapy and the LaserTRX device are FDA registered, meaning we’ve undergone the proper procedures to be recognized by the agency.

Low-level laser therapy may not also be covered by your insurance company, but our affordable price for the device makes it a much more desirable option than expensive surgeries or rehab treatments. 

The time to alleviate your symptoms is now! If you’re dealing with recurring osteoarthritis pain and would like to get started today, we offer free and fast worldwide shipping of the LaserTRX device!