COVID-19 has compelled all of us to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean your pain relief treatment should take second place!

LaserTRX is the perfect at-home pain relief tool to help you combat your symptoms at a time when social distancing is mandatory. At this time, it may not be easy for you to visit a clinic or get an appointment quickly with your regular physiotherapist or chiropractor, given the public health situation.

We encourage you to turn to an at-home low-level laser therapy device like LaserTRX. 

Kindly know that we are fully operational during this time and are here if you have any questions or concerns. Fill out our contact form or reach out to us at (424) 244-7546.


Why Use an LLLT Device to Combat Pain?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the process of applying red, near-infrared light on sore muscles, injuries or abrasions to promote blood flow and increase soft tissue healing by triggering the body’s natural healing mechanism.

The LaserTRX device helps provide a safe, reliable, and effective means to reduce chronic pain in an easy, comfortable, non-invasive manner. In just 15-minute sessions per day, most patients see noticeable pain relief within a matter of weeks. 

It can treat pain associated with:

- Muscles and joint spasms and strains
- Post-surgical recovery
- Sports-related injuries
- Fibromyalgia
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Peripheral neuropathy
- Mild arthritis


Hygiene Tips When Using LaserTRX to Curb the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

If you have a LaserTRX device or are planning to buy one, it’s easy to manage your pain and inflammation symptoms from the comfort of your own home (not to mention ideal during these times).

The LaserTRX device can be shared between family members and even pets!

For your safety, here are some hygiene tips to follow during this time;

Disinfect the device with between treatments using an alcohol-based (60-90%) cleansing wipe

Cover the laser lens with disposable cling wrap to avoid contamination

If you know a family member or friend who could benefit from the LaserTRX at-home pain relief treatment, please share this with them.


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Kindly know that we are fully operational during this time. Stay safe and we wish you a speedy recovery from your pain symptoms.