Cold laser therapy, or LLLT, has transformed the way of treating pain relief and inflammation. The non-invasive treatment has been modernized through our Laser TRX handheld device that can be used anywhere and anytime your symptoms arise.  

Does laser therapy really work for pain?

Yes. Through the new and revolutionary technology of cold laser therapy, also referred to as (LLLT), different low-level wavelengths are applied to the inflamed area. The infrared light boosts healthy cell regeneration in the replacement of older and non-functioning ones; as the specific area is treated, the negative symptoms associated get minimized. Clients that suffer from chronic pain in their lower back and hips, arthritis and fibromyalgia have praised cold laser therapy due to its rapid pain alleviation. Benefits of using Laser TRX include improved circulation, reduce swelling and pain and improves negative symptoms related to bone and joint problems. Aside from producing positive results in chronic pain in more severe conditions, cold laser therapy accelerates wound healing by stopping the formation of scar tissue. Burns and cuts can be made invisible because Laser TRX boosts the formation of fibrotic tissues that are imperative in skin healing. Cold laser therapy treats aesthetical skin problems that occur as we grow older, and they include irradicating skin problems such as rashes, acne and vitiligo. The best outcome of choosing cold laser therapy above all other alternatives is that you don’t need any recovery time. You can use the Laser TRX anytime and anywhere you want and get back to your daily routine uninterrupted.  

How much does cold laser therapy cost?

Our Laser TRX at-home device is $1,185.00. Included in your package is our free and fast shipping, our 2-year warranty and 60 days money back guaranteed. Compared to the pain-relieving alternatives of invasive surgeries and pain gels and creams, cold laser therapy is proven to be rapidly effective without breaking the bank. 

How long does laser therapy last?

Each at-home treatment lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes depending on the affected area. The Laser TRX device is simple and easy to use at home and it can be used anywhere at any time pain strikes. Patients have reported improvement of their conditions and symptoms within a few weeks of treatment, where they used the Laser TRX two to three times a week.  

Can cold laser therapy be harmful?

The Laser TRX device is FDA registered and the treatment is non-invasive and painless. Cold laser therapy refers to the low levels of light emitted during the treatment; these low levels of light are not harmful because they do not invade your tissues like a traditional laser therapy procedure. Cold laser therapy cannot result in over-stimulation or overdose due to its low-level wavelengths. Further cold laser therapy medical research is currently being tested in the areas of spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.   Contact us to start alleviating your pain today or ask us any questions you may have by filling out our contact form.