We all know as Physiotherapists you want to help your patients the most you can, and you understand how big it is for a patient to be involved in their own recovery and feel that bit of independence. That’s why your work is so important in both physical recovery but also mental recovery for a lot of people. 

Using Low-Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT technology for pain can aid in the recovery of pain and a patient’s confidence in their progress. By being small and portable, using a cold laser pain relief at-home device helps many people combat pain and discomfort anytime and anywhere they need it. 

Using LLLT Pain Relief at Home and in Clinic

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is available for both patients looking to use a device at home for their own benefits or in clinics with professionals and therapists who are looking to add LLLT laser therapy as a service or resell the devices to patients who come in. Resellers benefiting from LaserTRX can gain access to this innovative medical technology that has been tested to outperform any and all other competitors on the market. This portable device is often used at a range of different locations; from in clinics and wellness centers, the home, in sports clubs or gyms, by physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and your patients.

Benefits of LLLT

LaserTRX is designed to exceed the average home care device both in cost and functionality. It’s been found that many similar devices are priced over two or three times the cost of LaserTRX while lacking the effectivity. 

Patients with many different conditions can benefit from LLLT including:

  • Athletic injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Skin conditions

  • Neck, foot pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Chronic pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Back and lower back pain

  • Shoulder pain

How does LLLT differ from other options?

LLLT technology has a plethora of benefits that aid in reducing chronic pain in the long run. Although an investment at first, the device can be used at home, at any time; one initial payment of the device can last for a substantial number of treatments.

Low-level laser therapy is fully non-invasive, hence why anyone from a doctor to a patient can use it to their advantage. If the pain is mild to moderate, more extreme invasive measures are typically not required, but, you may find your patients complaining and reaching for pain medication too often. With a higher frequency of usage, the effectiveness of pain medications can wear off as your body adapts to the dosage it receives. 

That’s why taking medication constantly is not recommended, and it can even end up having detrimental effects on other areas of their body as well. LLLT can act as an option to stop this from happening while still relieving them of any discomfort. Since it is non-invasive and works from the outside in, there is a very limited risk if anything at all, even when used consistently.

Recommending LLLT to your patients 

Cold laser therapy is already used in a range of areas from; therapists, hockey and soccer players, and many other sports teams, clinics, and doctors that now its time to welcome this technology into the home. LaserTRX offers a competitive pricing structure compared with other LLLT devices available and volume discounts for professionals looking to distribute.

Of course, with your patients’ health in mind, you want the very best for them, that’s why we are open to answering all and all questions you have to assure you our confidence in LaserTRX, and its benefit for you and your patients alike.

Cold laser therapy devices are being used today by doctors, therapists, hockey, basketball, soccer and many other sport teams, also clinics and individuals at home. The more people are now aware of the benefits of using LLLT the larger the opportunity is. We offer a very competitive price structure compared with other professional LLLT devices and volume discounts.

Medical professionals, contact us today to get great discounts on bulk LaserTRX purchases.