Winter weather doesn’t only bring cold temperatures - it also increases your chances of slipping, falling, or tripping when you least expect, leading to injuries such as ankle sprains. These types of injuries are common and can vary in pain and discomfort depending on their grade of severity. That’s where a laser therapy device can be most helpful!

The LaserTRX device has been used to provide laser therapy for back pain and reduce inflammation in different parts of your body. It’s also been effective for providing pain relief for ankle injuries in conjunction with rest and topical usage. We will go over some of the most common causes of ankle injuries and how laser therapy helps improve mobility. We will also break down how the LaserTRX device progresses your natural healing process to help you get back to your active lifestyle.  

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Ankle Sprains?

While ankle sprains can be incurred from sports or physical activity, it’s a fairly common injury that can affect almost every individual at some point in their life, and often occurs from sudden trauma, twisting, or turning over of your ankle in various situations. For example, a person may awkwardly land on their ankle after slipping on ice or wet grass. Pain can be felt within the ankle joint itself, but it can also be felt outside of it as well depending on the severity of the damaged ligaments. 

Ankle sprain symptoms vary from very mild to very severe. Most people will still be able to walk with limited mobility and can continue with their lives. If the injury is more severe, it could require hospital treatment and take longer to heal. Your physician will carry out a full diagnosis and grade the injury on a level between 1-3. Motion and resisted movement tests are conducted to assess the injured structures and the extent of the damage to the ankle. 

Now that we have an idea of the causes of ankle sprain, let’s go over how laser therapy can mitigate and improve these symptoms. 

How Does Low-Level Laser Therapy Improve Ankle Sprains?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or laser therapy uses different types of energies from the LaserTRX device to improve ankle sprains. These include low-level pulse radiation, infrared radiation, visible red lights, and static magnetic fields that penetrate the injured ankle to stimulate healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. 

The LLLT device improves the symptoms of ankle sprains is by increasing blood flow to the affected area, which contains valuable nutrients that can help repair damaged tissue. It also produces more lymphatic flow and endorphins to gradually reduce swelling and pain levels. These processes help expedite your body’s natural healing system for a quick recovery, with mild sprains showing significant improvements after a few days. 

Along with good rest, rehabilitation, and practices, your ankle injury won’t limit your movements as much when you use the LaserTRX device. Let’s break down how it assists your body’s natural healing process through laser technology.  

How Does The LaserTRX Enhance The Body’s Natural Healing Processes?

Low laser therapy is very effective in treating low body soft tissues injuries, especially if the tendons and ligaments near an ankle are damaged. To deal with these inflammations, the radiated wavelengths of laser lights from the LaserTRX device stimulate cells to heal a targeted area and reduce pain and swelling. This is done through kinetic energy that transmits healing stimuli known as photons to the cells that do the work. 

As a result, the soft tissue around your ankle will allow for more mobility and lead to stronger cells that can limit injury next time. The LaserTRX device perfectly complements the recovery process of an ankle injury and can help you get back on your feet quickly!

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