Young or elder, athletic or dormant, back pain is something a significant number of individuals deal with on a daily basis. Around 80% of adults will experience back pain (more specifically, lower back pain) at some point in their lifetime. While most lower back pain is short-term, with pain lasting a few days to a few weeks, chronic back pain can cause lasting pain for substantial periods of time. Chronic back pain can be tricky to manage; constant physiotherapy can be costly and an influx of pain medication can have negative ramifications on other parts of your body. Albeit, all efforts are not exhausted Laser pain relief, delivered through Laser TRX can aid in the betterment of chronic lower back pain and provide you the relief you desire!

Before we dive into ways to help you alleviate your pesky back pain, let’s get into back pain as a whole.

Why does my lower back hurt all the time?

A majority of individuals who experience back pain do so as a result of an injury; motor vehicle accidents, sports-related, improper lifting technique, to name a few. Poor sleeping positions and posture can also contribute to mild lower back pain. Similar to chronic back pain, there are some medical conditions that can contribute to lower back pain. Minor to moderate strains and sprains to the back typically subside after a few days to a few weeks with accompanying treatment; the amount of time one experiences pain is the main factor in determining whether lower back pain is acute or chronic.

Chronic lower back pain, similar to acute lower back pain, can be caused by an underlying medical condition or an injury to the aforementioned area. Chronic back pain is commonly seen in individuals between the ages of 30 to 50, mainly due to the changes one’s body experiences through aging. As you age, the fluid between the vertebrae in the spine reduces, meaning discs in the spine are more susceptible to aggravation as time prevails. Lower back pain is deemed chronic when the pain lasts longer than 3 months.

Is laser therapy effective for back pain?

Lower back pain is a very common occurrence with 80% of individuals experiencing some form at a point in their life. Of that 80 % who have experienced acute lower back pain, 30% will go on to develop chronic lower back pain. Whilst methods such as physiotherapy and pain medication show tremendous results in acute back pain, they can be costly and lose efficiency in the long run.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can be done at home, vis a vis, the Laser TRX. The Laser TRX utilizes LLLT to treat a wide range of physical ailments, including lower back pain. LLLT is a non-invasive light source treatment fixated on accelerating the repairment of connective tissues. This form of pain relief acts as an anti-inflammatory, respectively, as well. LLLT goes beyond alleviating pain for a temporary period of time and instead, works internally to aid in the long-term reduction of chronic lower back pain.

How does low-level laser therapy differ from other pain relief options? LLLT technology has a plethora of benefits that aid in reducing chronic back pain in the long run. Although an investment at first, the device can be used at home, at any time; one initial payment of the device can last for a substantial number of treatments.

Low-level laser therapy is also non-invasive, hence why it is so simple to utilize. If your chronic lower back pain is mild to moderate, invasive measures are typically not required in the first place, however, you may find yourself reaching for the pain medication all too often. Over time, the effectiveness of these pain medications can wear off as your body adapts to the frequency in which it inhabits them. Taking pain medication on a consistent basis can also have detrimental effects on other areas of your body. Because LLLT technology is non-invasive and works from the outside in, there is little to no risk, even when used on a consistent basis.

Can chronic lower back pain go away?

When it comes to chronic lower back pain, there is no cure-all remedy. Chronic lower back pain comes and goes in spurts and although it cannot go away forever as a whole, the symptoms can be managed when these spurts arise. LLLT technology can help alleviate and significantly reduce lower back pain when it does emanate. The Laser TRX device is a great go-to for chronic ailments, such as chronic back pain, because you can treat your pain anywhere, anytime. When it comes to chronic ailments, it’s not a matter of curing, but rather, a matter of managing and combating persistent symptoms which is what the Laser TRX can do.

When should I go see a doctor? It’s important to note that LLLT should NOT replace a general physician. If you experience back pain, mild to severe, it is important to visit your physician right away to rule out any serious injuries. Your physician will aid you in determining; whether your lower back pain is acute or chronic, what portions of the back have been damaged, the severity of the injury, precautions to take thereafter, and treatment options.

Chronic lower back pain is no walk in the park, but when properly managed, an individual suffering from it can go on to lead a normal life. It’s imperative to recognize the symptoms of chronic lower back pain and the frequency to ensure you stay on top and avoid extended periods of unwanted pain. Utilizing LLLT technology when pain arises can help you manage flare-ups so you can resume your regular day-to-day activities.

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