Cold laser therapy is a new category of laser technology that helps reduce acute and chronic pain conditions. Towards this, Laser TRX is a cold laser therapy device  that demonstrates this technique to treat such conditions cost effectively. Undoubtedly, this therapy is widely recommended by physicians and therapists in regards to a plethora of benefits it has to offer.

What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy, also known as the low level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation therapy utilizes laser radiation of specific wavelengths to expedite the healing process and reduce pain due to inflammation or any other medical condition.

How does LLLT work?

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) in action increases the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), a chemical that fuels intracellular activities in the body. When a cold laser of a specific wavelength and frequency (typically 600-1000 nm) comes in contact with affected area it generates a photochemical effect that stabilizes the lost oxygen in cells and eventually boosts cell metabolism and reduces inflammation.

Is laser treatment for pain effective?

Laser treatment, especially cold laser therapy is clinically proven to be effective in treating a number of disorders that cause unbearable pain. Research highlights the demonstration of anti-inflammatory effects cause by the process .  

How Laser TRX accelerates the pain relief process?

Laser TRX is a self-treatment portable device that uses the cold laser therapy technology to improve the healing process and fight pain. This compact device comes with a customizable frequency setting that allows you to select the level of penetration of the laser radiation.

  1. Delivers a synergistic effect

It delivers a unique therapeutic effect from 4 different energies including:

  • Low level pulse laser radiation

  • Infrared radiation

  • Visible red light

  • Static magnetic fields

These energies when combined together have a positive influence on the quality of endogenous photosensitizers in the blood plasma, thus promoting bactericidal activity that helps in healing wounds and treating ulcers. Static magnetic field is known to decrease the firing rate of chronic pain neurons, affect the blood flow, changing the rate of enzyme mediated reactions and many more.  

  1. Relief from acute muscle pains naturally

Laser TRX is a drug-free alternative solution to get relief from pain. It enables recovery from all kinds of back pains, knee pains, muscle strains, sprains and other chronic conditions like ischialgia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis,osteochondrosis, intervertebral disk hernia and many more. Switching to Laser TRX will not only speed up the recovery process from any of these conditions but also promotes faster healing from all sorts of injuries. It is a unique solution that helps you avoid popping any pills or undergo any surgical treatment to alleviate excruciating pain.  

  1. Safe for use at home

Laser TRX is safe for home-use with 3 special presets with 3 different pulse frequencies to adjust the level of penetration of the laser radiation. For its non-invasive nature, it has been endorsed by several practitioners and therapists to be highly portable and safe for multiple use anywhere. Due to this, it helps save the cost of visiting your physician every now and then for therapy sessions.

  1. Facilitates ease of motion

Any pain disorder can constrict your muscles and cause inflammation around the area that restricts ease of motion and heightens discomfort. Laser TRX helps in soothing the affected area and mitigates any uneasiness that hinders motion or stops you from performing any kind of physical activity in your daily routine.

  1. Improves microcirculation and cell regeneration

The cumulative outcome of the 4 energies constituting the Laser TRX helps promote cell renewal and consequently in microcirculation, a lower rate of which is the major cause of tissue inflammation and ischemic disorders. This helps in boosting the damaged cell repair process by stimulating sufficient supply of oxygen to the tissues.

  1. Long battery life

Laser TRX offers 18 hours of operation before the battery requires charging. This coupled with the 2 year warranty, makes it a very affordable solution to treat pain related symptoms at home with ease. Unlike other devices that die out when you actually need them during a sudden flare up, Laser TRX is your companion on the go.

Laser TRX is an FDA registered device that is clinically tested for effective results. It helps treat a plethora of pain issues affordably for you, your family members and even pets! So, this device helps you revamp your lifestyle and avoid medications that can potentially harm your body in the long run.

Don’t let the pain come in your way. Consider your own cold laser therapy treatment at home with the innovative and portable Laser TRX devices. Get in touch with us at (660) 264-0737 to know more about Laser TRX.