Do you struggle with lower back pain? Even if you do not, you need to take precautions in advance. 

Chronic lower back pain is a typical phenomenon and it occurs to almost 80% of people at some stage of their lives. It is considered to be a regular origin of pain among athletes and workers involved in lifting and moving heavyweight items. Patients with chronic lower back pain often suffer lifetime disability when proper treatment isn’t initiated. 

The most generic ways of treating lower backache are therapy and medication. But, with the technological advancement around the world, now you can get relief from chronic pain with the help of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It is an effective way of treating connective tissues and cells at your back with infra-red light over the pain-affected area. 

LaserTRX lower back pain device is specially designed to work effectively on chronic back pain and several other issues such as tissue and muscle recovery, restoration of cells, improved circulation and so on. If getting rid of back pain a short span is your goal, this magical gear is the solution. Also, it comes with 60 days money-back challenge prove it’s authenticity. 

Multiple factors induce lower back pain, but if we are careful enough, these are easily avoidable.

Your job type:

Having a lifting job that requires a lot of strength to switch heavy elements from one corner to the other can be one of the major reasons for lower back pain. However, sitting at your desk maintaining s single posture has its drawbacks. 

Your workout style:

Regular workout at the gym or playing your favourite sport is extremely valuable for our body to function properly. But, make sure you are not overdoing it, as it makes your muscles overstretched and exhausted. This is one of the most common reasons of back pain. 

Bad posture: 

We often drop the plan of keeping a straight posture while sitting on our office desk and slouch back on the chair to attain comfort. Don’t put your whole body weight on your back and end up having chronic backache. Try not to put on your body weight on the back, instead, keep a good balance to support your back.

Position of your bag:

Whether it’s a side bag, sling or a backpack, carrying a heavy one on your shoulder tends to introduce sudden ache on your back. Many of us don’t pay attention to the weight of our bags but it eventually strains the muscles on your back. Buckle up people, try switching to a briefcase patterned bag with wheels. 

Here are some vital lower back pain symptoms you should be aware of:

  • Frequent muscle ache

  • Pain that spreads through the lower portion

  • Extreme pain while bending over, walking, lifting or standing

  • Numb legs 

  • Pain that feels like piercing 

What if you find any of these symptoms associated with your back? Well, you need to discover which treatment works effectively without taking a lifetime. 

Let’s explore how Low-level laser therapy works:

As mentioned above, LLLT technology is a modern approach to treat chronic lower back pain through communication information through an invasive ray to the membrane receptors of the cells and eventually, it enters the DNA of the cells. 

This is a direct way to control the functions of the cells and as these cells obtain accurate information, they function properly. Moreover, the tissues, cartilage, ligaments, etc. attached to these cells start working efficiently. It also works on the healing process of damaged tissues and regenerates new ones. 

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Treat your pain symptoms safely with LLLT. Contact us today!