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  1. Joint Pain Relief With Cold Laser Therapy: Does it Really Work? | Cold Laser Therapy for Arthritis

    Finding joint pain is holding you back and you want to take control of it once and for all? With cold laser therapy you can help reduce pain on your own time effectively and safely.
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  2. Cold Laser Therapy for Physiotherapists: How Your Patients Can Benefit | LLLT Technology for Pain

    You want the best for your patients but sadly pain can come outside of your clinic hours. Instead of them reaching for pain medication too often, LLLT can be the option for them to ease the pain without overmedicating.
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  3. American Retail Giant, Hammacher Schlemmer, Now Sells Game-Changing LLLT Pain Relief Device: LaserTRX

    Illinois-based American hardware retailer and catalog company, Hammacher Schlemmer, has recently partnered with LaserTRX, an e-commerce store that sells non-invasive hand-held laser devices. Its eponymous LLLT device, LaserTRX, can be used by patients directly to receive on-the-go therapeutic comfort from pain symptoms.
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  4. How Cold Laser Therapy Helps With Arthritic Pain Relief: Process, Benefits, Why LaserTRX | Cold Laser Therapy Device

    Finding your arthritis flaring up more than you can handle? Feeling resigned to constant treatments and appointments? Designed to help you with your pain no matter where you are, LaserTRX provides pain relief for all kinds of arthritis and joint pain to get you back on your feet in no time!
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  5. Low-Level Laser Therapy: How to Increase Hair Growth and Follicle Strength with LLLT | Cold Laser Therapy Device

    Tired of the typical hair treatments and only surgical options to bring back your hair to its former glory? Look no further than low-level laser therapy a fully non-surgical and drug-free option to give your hair follicles the treatment they deserve.
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  6. Laser LLLT Device for Medical Professionals | Give Your Patients a Great Pain Relief Therapy

    Are you patients asking you to recommend an effective pain relief treatment? Low-level laser therapy is a revolutionary treatment modality that allows for significant pain relief from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, joint pain, musculoskeletal conditions, muscle and ligament strains and more.
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  7. How Can I Manage My Fibromyalgia Pain Symptoms At Home? | LLLT Laser Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition that manifests in a range of pain symptoms for the patient. Cold laser therapy is a great way to combat these pain symptoms.
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  8. Low-Level Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries | Cold Laser Pain Relief At Home Device

    Sports injuries can be detrimental to any athlete’s career and most athletes want to do what they can to get back out there. Low-level laser therapy helps you take it in your own hands boosting recovery time and minimizing pain
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  9. COVID-19 Hygiene Tips When Using At-Home Cold Laser Pain Relief Devices Like LaserTRX

    COVID-19 has compelled all of us to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean your pain relief treatment should take second place! LaserTRX is the perfect at-home pain relief tool to help you combat your symptoms at a time when social distancing is mandatory. At this time, it may not be easy for you to visit a clinic or get an appointment quickly with your regular physiotherapist or chiropractor, given the public health situation. We encourage you to turn to an at-home low-level laser therapy device like LaserTRX.
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  10. How Low Level Laser Therapy Helps With Back Pain Recovery | Cold Laser Pain Relief

    The LaserTRX is one of the more effective low-level laser therapy devices out there. Here’s how this device can relieve pain in your lower back and what the process for it is like.
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