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  1. The Safest Treatment for Tendinitis: Try the LaserTRX Device for Chronic Pain

    Do you suffer from tendinitis? This occurs when the tendon (thick fibrous cords attaching muscle to bone) becomes irritated. Low-level laser therapy noticeably reduces inflammation and increases collagen synthesis - greatly relieving the patient of tendinitis pain.
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  2. Post Surgical Pain Recovery: How a Low-Level Laser Therapy Device Can Help

    When it comes to pain relief methods, the LaserTRX device helps provide a safe, reliable, and effective means to reduce post-surgery pain in an easy, comfortable, non-invasive manner.
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  3. Acute Lower Back Pain: Causes and How to Effectively Treat It With LLLT

    Suffering from lower back pain and no solution yet? Try Low-Level Laser Therapy to bid your lower back pain a permanent goodbye!
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  4. LaserTRX LLLT Laser for Pain Relief at Home Now Available on Amazon

    LaserTRX Laser for Pain Relief at Home is now available on Amazon. Order Yours Today.
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  5. Can a Low-Level Laser Therapy Device Lessen My Fibromyalgia Pain?

    Do you live with the widespread pain and fatigue that comes with fibromyalgia? Low-level laser therapy is a GREAT way to reduce pain and speed up the recovery process - from the comfort of your own home.
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  6. Wait, I Didn’t Know THAT Could Cause Back Pain!

    Not to start this off on the wrong foot, but pain is quite common. At one point or another, almost everyone will experience some type of pain. Whether something minor like a stubbed toe or something major such as an injury obtained in a car accident, pain is something humans do experience. The most common pain comes in the form of back pain. Ask around and you will find that a majority of adults have experienced some type of pain or discomfort in their back at one point in their lives.
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  7. LLLT Technology vs. Common Sports Injuries!

    Whether a professional or recreational athlete, injuries can be devastating and can take you away from the sport you love the most. With that being said, sports are also a common ground for injuries due to the physical demand they put on the body. Many athletes will obtain a handful of injuries, big or small, throughout their time in the sport.
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  8. Help Your Patients Combat Pain With the LaserTRX!

    Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) promotes and accelerates healing by working from the outside in, healing damaged tissue caused by injury or conditions causing chronic pain. The LaserTRX is a device that can significantly aid with the healing process of many.
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  9. Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

    Often aging can result in narrowing of the spine. If your spinal cord or nerve roots are pinched, you may be experiencing spinal stenosis. Learn more about this condition and how you can treat it.
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  10. Mother's Day - May 12th a Gift Idea (and a 20% Coupon Just for You)

    Buy your mom the new 2019 LaserTRX Cold Laser Device for pain relief at home on Mother's Day, May 12th 2019 with 20% off coupon just for you! (Coupon Code "MOTHERSDAY20").
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